Leslie Harris


Combining her considerable knowledge of the local region and years of customer service experience, Leslie has made the commitment to dedicate herself to a career in real estate. Coming from a unique background in both hotel management and nursing, Leslie offers her clients an outstanding level of customer service as well as a commitment to see each and every client settled in their ideal home.

Leslie's fellow professionals often note how reliable, engaging, friendly, and considerate she is. Her easy manner, tenacious spirit, and tireless commitment to her work all make her the ideal Realtor.

Leslie's decision to begin a career in real estate came about as a natural fascination for the field during her own home-buying experience with her husband. Her first home purchase was a series of highs and lows. She had learned the importance of a good Realtor who can advocate for their client and provide relentless optimism in the face of occasional disappointment.

Cell: (607) 793-6483
Office:  (607) 220-5426
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