Xuhong Cathy Duan

Xuhong "Cathy" Duan

Fluent in Chinese and Japanese

Cathy Duan’s family moved to Ithaca in 2008 from Kyoto, Japan. With a background in international real estate and corporate relocation, Cathy understands the complex logistics of relocation and home purchases. She respectfully listens to the hopes, needs and requirements of her clients to help them make the right choices and smooth their entry into this vibrant and charming community.

While prices are not as astronomically high in Ithaca as Cathy’s childhood home in Beijing, China, many of the underlying principles of supply, demand, zoning and proximity to good schools apply here as well. Cathy has studied the local market closely in her ten years here and she wants to share the best available information with her clients.

Cathy, who also goes by the name “Xuhong,” speaks Chinese and Japanese fluently. As an American of immigrant background she empathizes with all newcomers, from near and afar, who are seeking to make a new home for themselves.

With two Cornellians in the family, and children who have attended Ithaca public schools, Cathy can vouch for the caring community and cosmopolitan quality of life that this small town affords residents new and old alike.

Cell: (607) 279-4236
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